Created an interactive art installation immersing viewers into a state of vulnerability and complete engrossment in January of 2015.

The viewer would step into my installation, sit on a stool across from a monitor as their only source of light. The viewer would then put headphones on, isolating all external sound. The monitor showed a video of my feelings and reactions to various songs.

My wish was for viewers to enter the installation and leave with their feelings changed by their experience. Everyone is unique with their own taste in music. This piece only displayed my interest and response to the 5 songs. Whether I fell in love with the sound of Connan Mockasin's,"It's Chode My Dear", or despised the sound, the viewer had no input to give an opinion. The video was not interactive; therefore, viewers had to accept my response without challenge. 

I have always struggled with hiding the emotions on my face. This art piece allowed me to take advantage of the connections others could make with my unspoken words and feelings in this 16 minute video:

Below are stills from the video installation.

The installation was designed to look like a photo booth, framed with coper pipes, draped with black fabric, which measured 6'L x 3'W x 7'H.

On the left is a photograph of the installation from the outside. To the right are photographs taken of me and my art piece during the process of installment.

Sierra Bisgould 2021
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