Boxed Wine for the Visually Impaired 

The branding & packaging of V3 identity is centred around creating boxed wine accessible to the visually impaired. Best results for interaction and consumption of this product is possible by way of minimal design, strong contrasts, flat surfaces, & sans-serif fonts. This design presents the braille as black dots, however, naturally when placed on shelves, this form of communication would be embossed on the packaging. 

Fashion Label Identity

Designs for the branding for a minimal, Japanese inspired, up-cycling label named KEBO. Creating a sleek, clean logo that would be carried across all branding placement as displayed on tote bags, clothing tags, & business cards.

tote bag front side

tote bag reverse side

business card mock up

clothing tag mock up

Luxury Chocolate Glaze Almond Branding

Designed the logo & packaging for a high-end chocolate glazed almond identity called Lift. With three different variations that would be seen on store shelves, consumers are presented with a minimalistic, clear, cohesive, eye catching design to satisfy their cravings. Uniquely designed with an interactive twist top, the packaging appears as though a present for the consumer to lift and open. Below is the dieline for a deeper comprehension of the process that went into printing the final product.

Sierra Bisgould 2019
Using Format