​Created a series of album cover designs through mixed mediums using 12" record sleeves as my canvas. 

Grand Voyageur 

film photography & acrylic paint on record sleeve

12" x 12"


Designed the album cover for the Montreal based band Fire/Works, experimenting with collage art communicating the visual connection I correlate to the audio art of the album titled "Grand Voyageur."

Simple Song

acrylic on record sleeve

12" x 12"


Designed the visual cover for my representation of "Simple Song", by the Shins.

History of Album Art Triptych

acrylic on CD case & record sleeve

12" x 12"


Record covers are 12", a beautiful surface for the artwork to be appreciated and recognized. When the industry switched over to CD’s, the 5-inch surface lost its meaning and significance. In todays generation, the most convenient way to listen to music is digitally, which is accompanied by a digital album cover. The covers lost the quality of being malleable to have the opportunity to flip a record over to listen to the other side, or reading the liner notes on the inside jacket. Instead of shrinking the cover to fit the smaller surfaces, that represent CD and then the smallest being digital, my concept was effective in highlighting the loss of art from one album cover medium transition to the next.

Sierra Bisgould 2020
Using Format